My new EP is OUT NOW!

My latest EP; ‘it was written’ is OUT NOW!

I can’t believe that you got me to number 31 in the iTunes album charts! Absolutely amazing and thank you all so much!

You can buy the EP by clicking HERE.

31 in albums

Thanks you for all your truly amazing support!

Love, Mike x

Sing With Me Tour is Underway!

Great to meet so many of you on the Sing With Me tour!

I am absolutely loving this tour and getting to see so many of you after my show, thank you so much for coming out to see me! After Norwich then Sheffield, London is almost sold-out!!!




I can’t believe this but I have just been told that there are only 20 tickets left for my London show at The Borderline this Friday (25th July)!! You can get tickets by clicking HERE and don’t worry about getting tickets in the post as they will be waiting for you at the box office when you arrive!

There are a few tickets left for Birmingham and Manchester too which you can buy by clicking here or visiting:

photo 2-1

***Merch Bundles Available on Tour***

I’ve got lots of different merch with me on this tour and thought that by doing bundles you could get more items for cheaper! The two bundles you can get are:

Bundle 1) Any £10 T-Shirt, £5 poster, £4 bracelet, £4 necklace and £4 festival band for £20

Bundle 2) Any £5 poster, £4 bracelet OR £4 necklace and £4 festival band for £10

Hope you guys like it!!

To everyone who has supported me and continues to support me through seeing me live, buying my music and merch and for all your amazing messages through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and everywhere else….thank you so so much!

I get overwhelmed by all the incredible support from each of you and even more so when I hear you all singing my songs back to me on this tour…truly amazing!


Mike xx

My Debut Music Video is Now LIVE!!!

I am so happy to say that my debut music video, for my song ‘Hurt’ is now LIVE!! You can watch it below!



Please feel free to share this as much as you want! It’s been a long time coming and I’m really proud of it! Hurt is from my EP which is currently on pre-order and you can buy it from iTunes here:

Thanks everyone!!

Love, Mike x

Debut Music Video and Twitcam

I’ve been excited about this for ages and I can now reveal that my debut music video, for my song ‘Hurt’, will be making it’s premiere on MONDAY 14TH JULY at 7pm on VEVO!!

However, before that, at 6:30pm, I will be live on Twitcam to play a few songs, have a chat with you and answer questions before watching the first play of the video with all of you!

Click HERE to add the date to your calendar!



Make sure you’re following me on Twitter and come and say hello to me at 6:30pm on Monday 14th July!

Spread the word and let’s see how many of us we can get on Twitcam!

I cannot waiiiiit!!


Mike x