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Emeli Sande Messaged Me on Twitter

I know this sounds like I’m being a right little fan girl right now… but this made me dance around my friend’s living room! I got all worked up from one little message which meant the world to me; Emeli sent me a DM on Twitter which simply said: “Beautiful Cover”.

Emeli Sande Messaged Me

So, I’ll go back to how it all started. I was driving through the town where I live and heard Trevor Nelson mention a new Naughty Boy song featuring Emeli Sande and being a fan of both his work and hers I immediately turned it up and listened. The song that met my ears was such an empowering track called ‘Wonder’ and I instantly loved it. The next day I was on my way to the studio and had a really strong feeling that I wanted to cover it so instead of ripping the chords and doing a carbon copy I re-tuned my guitar and made my own version. You can watch it here.

To be recognised by Emeli and Naughty Boy themselves is such an achievement for me.

Emeli is a 2012 Brit Award winner who has taken the music industry by storm in the last 18 months and performed amazingly at the London 2012 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies; it’s incredible that she took the time to contact me personally via Twitter and I really appreciate her support!

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